Sunday, December 8, 2019

#IETC19 - Part 2

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We had such a great time at the Illinois Education And Technology Conference - #IETC19 - that we couldn't contain it in just one episode! Here we have the rest of our interviews with educators from Illinois and surrounding states. We know you'll have as much fun listening to these interviews as we had recording them!


  • I’ll Jump First - Enjoy this dual episode with our friends Kevin & Julie from Park Ridge - Niles District 64, then check out their podcast on or wherever you get your podcasts.
  • First grade teacher Jana Zipfel - @JanaMrsZipfel - talks about the edtech landscape in her southern Illinois school district.
  • Sarah Brokering - @MrsBrokeCodes - discusses her interests as an elementary technology teacher.
  • Dawn Malcolm - @malcolm8science - and Jared Bruening - @JaredBruening - discuss some of the great ideas they have gleaned from the conference.
  • Jonathan Lee -@jleeTechPercent - from METC - @metcedplus - shares the topics that Missouri educators are pursuing.
  • Natalie Perry - @NataliePerry3 - discusses communication and smaller rural school edtech integration.
  • A PreK administrator shares a few of the challenges of advancing technology with the youngest learners.
  • Gina Shook - @GinaShook - discusses her school’s use of technology, her professional learning, and her efforts to incorporate technology into her classes.
  • Butch Wilson - @williebee - technology director and head of the IETC technology team, talks about the challenges of supporting attendees and presenters at the conference.
  • Jen Leban - @mrsleban - and Terence White - @terencewhite23 - discuss their work advancing edtech in the Chicago area and their observations about the wide range of technology integration across Illinois.
  • Lucas from discusses his company’s tools that help with the integration of technology in K-12 schools.  

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