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Leadership, Learning, and Culture with Jimmy Casas

If you ever have an opportunity to chat with Jimmy Casas, don’t let it pass by!

In this week's episode we have a fascinating talk with Jimmy about the changing role of the school leader and the power of leading by example, especially when it comes to professional learning. Jimmy provides great advice for new and experienced leaders alike to help build a culture of mutual respect and support in a school or district.

Contact Info: J Casas & Associates
Website: jimmycasas.comTwitter: @casas_jimmyInstagram: casas_jimmyYouTube: J Casas & Associates Check out Jimmy’s book, Culturize, today!

You can find us on Twitter at
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Mike Patterson: Google, Digital Leadership, and more

Mike Patterson from Google Chicago joins us in this episode to discuss digital leadership and citizenship topics for teachers and administrators.   Google's Global Report on the Future of the ClassroomDigital Leadership for teachers and administrators  The importance of Digital Citizenship in every classroom - Follow #DigCit ... and more! 

Connect with Mike Patterson:
Twitter @MPattersonEduLinkedIn Check out all the great tools from Mike and the Google for Education Team:

The Google for Education Transformation Center
Resources to lead your schools toward a vision of change Focuses on Vision Learning Culture Professional Development Technology Funding & Sustainability Community Engagement Explore real examples from school leaders and learn from their successes. You’ll find hundreds of ideas, best practices, guides and templates. Innovator projects, You’ll also find our new Educational Equity Framework  Coming soon from there are going to be Transformation Reports
Built for G Suit…

Kristin Brynteson: OER, STEM, and so much more!

Dr, Kristin Brynteson, educator, podcaster and blogger from Northern Illinois University, discusses a variety of topics and programs with us during this interview.

Questions addressed in this episode:
What is Illinois OER, and how do OERs compare with the big-name publishers' works?
How can STEM, STEAM, and STEAM Read help kids, and how do I get started in my classroom?
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics STEAM: STEM + the Arts STEAM Read: STEAM + ReadingiOER: Illinois Open Educational Resources   

Connect with Dr. Brynteson:  Twitter: @kbrynteson,, hotpinktech.blogPodcasts: Failure Bites ( and STEAM Read (
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