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Get To Know Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn, from Jeff Cohn is a consultant to schools, districts, and businesses. In this episode, Jeff gets down to the basics of SMART Goals in strategic planning and the importance of empathy and trust to leadership. Mentioned in this episode:  Jim Collins on Amazon Listen on Listen on Apple Podcasts Learn more about Jeff Cohn Website: Other: Contact Jeff Cohn Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox. You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68 How to Listen ** NEW: Amazon Music Podcasts ** Anchor Apple Podcasts Breaker Castro Google Podcasts Overcast PocketCasts Radio Public Spotify

Reflections on Season 1

Nick and Matt take time out to reflect on Season 1 before taking some summer time to prepare for Season 2. The hosts discuss what they did well, what they can do better, and some ideas to help all educators rest, recharge, and prepare for a new school year.   Mentioned in this episode Links to past episodes Improving Performance with Dr. Paulie Interview with Rae Hughart Jodi Scott Provides a Regional and State View Jodi Scott Discusses Remote Learning Remote Learning with Adam and Alex Valencic Thomas C. Murray: Future-Ready, Personal and Authentic Books & Other Podcasts Teachers Deserve It (coming soon from DBC Inc ) Teachers On Fire (Podcast) Small Teaching Online , by Flower Darby Blended Learning series, by Catlin Tucker The Balance podcast , by Catlin Tucker When , by Dan Pink Stuff You Should Know Podcast Tech Like a Pirate , by Matt Miller To Wake the Giant , by Jeff Shaara Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click t

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