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Dr. Tina Halliman

Image from Nick and Matt have a wonderful conversation with Dr. Tina Halliman, Superintendent of the SPEED S.E.J.A. District 802. Dr. Halliman discusses the unique challenges of leading a special education district during a time of remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Halliman emphasizes the importance of educator self-care while supporting students with special needs.

Contact Dr. Tina Halliman: Twitter: @TinaHallimanWebsite: SPEED S.E.J.A District 802Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox.
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Brett Elliott: PHEARCE PLCs

Brett Elliott, Principal of Richwoods High School in Peoria, Illinois, shares his PHEARCE philosophy with us:


Brett also discusses his work with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and how he leverages technology tools for teaching, learning, and professional learning #GlobalPLC
“Leadership is truly about the people you’re leading.” - Brett Elliott 

Twitter Handle: @brettmelliott1
Brett Elliott: Professional Bio Brett M. Elliott has spent 25 years in the urban public education system as a teacher, coach and administrator. His passion and energy set him apart from the pack with a resume of excellence. He has taken over a failing urban high school and transformed the entire culture for learning through positive student and staff relationships, high energy and growth mindset for learning. Whether transforming and failing urban high school into “The Pride of the City” or redefining the school culture of an Internat…

Adam Welcome Revisited

Several months ago we were fortunate to sit down with Adam Welcome for a discussion about leadership, culture, and improving instruction. The audio quality on our original recording was less than perfect, to say the least. With production assistance from the Learning Technology Center of Illinois, we were able to reduce some of the distractions to help make the episode a little easier on the ear. We hope you enjoy this look back on our talk with Mr. Adam Welcome.

Website: mradamwelcome.comSocial Media: @mradamwelcome on almost any platform Publications: Kids Deserve It!Run Like A PirateEmpower Our Girls We would also like to encourage you to check out the soon-to-be-released book that he has co-authored with our friend Rae Hughart (@raehughart), entitled Teachers Deserve It!

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Technology Trends and Services through ILTPP with Courtney Fleeger

The Illinois Learning Technology Purchasing Program, or ILTPP, helps schools and districts find more affordable options to support learning through a wide variety of technology tools. Through this service, ILTPP also has a unique perspective on the latest trends and topics that educators around Illinois are pursuing. Courtney Fleeger of ILTPP joins us to help shed light on this and explain how ILTPP can help.

ILTPP WebsiteBecome an ILTPP MemberILTPP Member BenefitsILTPP News and UpdatesUpcoming ILTPP EventsIDEAcon20202020 Career Connections Conference - Chicago2020 Career Connections - Springfield2020 Career Connections - Carbondale2020 Showcase - South (Vandalia)2020 Showcase - Central (Springfield)2020 Showcase - North (Markham) Courtney Fleeger’s Contact InfoEmail: cfleeger@iltpp.orgPhone Number: (217) 892-2844 ILTPP Contact Info Social Media: @iltppWebsite: iltpp.orgEmail:
Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and cl…

Tim McIlvain Talks Cyber-Security, SOPPA, and how LTC can help

Tim McIlvain is the Director of the Learning Technology Center of Illinois, known as the LTC. In this episode, Tim discusses some of the many services provided by the LTC. Tim shares his knowledge of recent legislation, some cybersecurity tips, and a preview of the array of upcoming LTC professional learning opportunities for educators, administrators, and IT professionals.

Check out the links to all the LTC has to offer, including: Upcoming LTC EventsOnline Learning CoursesWeekly Webinar SeriesSummits & ConferencesNetworking EventsWorkshopsLTC Speakers BureauIllinois Education and Technology ConferenceE-Rate SupportSecurED Schools Stay on top of everything the LTC can offer, and interact with other educators and ed-tech professionals by joining the LTC Community. Acronyms heard in this episode LTC: Learning Technology Center of IllinoisILTPP: Illinois Learning Technology Purchase ProgramNIST: National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNIST Cybersecurity FrameworkSOPPA: Stude…

Professional Learning with Dr. Courtney Orzel

Dr. Courtney Orzel will soon soon take the role of leading professional development for the IASA: the Illinois Association of School Administrators.

In this episode, Dr. Orzel discusses her love of professional learning and shares her views on the current challenges and future directions for professional learning in Illinois.  

Cortney Orzel’s Contact InfoTwitter Handle: @DrOrzelWebsite: Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox. You can find us on Twitter at@DrNickSutton@YodaMatt68 The Learning Through Leading Podcast is produced in partnership with the Learning Technology Center of Illinois. How to Listen
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