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Leadership, Learning, and Culture with Jimmy Casas

If you ever have an opportunity to chat with Jimmy Casas, don’t let it pass by!

In this week's episode we have a fascinating talk with Jimmy about the changing role of the school leader and the power of leading by example, especially when it comes to professional learning. Jimmy provides great advice for new and experienced leaders alike to help build a culture of mutual respect and support in a school or district.

Contact Info: J Casas & Associates
Website: jimmycasas.comTwitter: @casas_jimmyInstagram: casas_jimmyYouTube: J Casas & Associates Check out Jimmy’s book, Culturize, today!

You can find us on Twitter at
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Nick and Matt are proud to announce our latest partnership! The Learning Through Leading Podcast is now produced in partnership with the Learning Techno…

Nick & Matt Talk Podcasting

Nick and Matt discuss their journey into podcasting, how you might use podcasts in your school or classroom, where they're going next, and how you can be a part of this podcast in the future!

Mentioned in this episode:

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Transcript, adapted from There may be errors, but this is pretty close. 

Okay, okay! Well, we are back with another episode of the Learning Through Leading Podcast, and this episode is going to be a little bit different today. Nick and I thought we might talk briefly about our podcasting journey to anyone who might be interested in learning about us and starting their own podcast, maybe for your school, maybe for your classroom, and so we thought we'd just spend a…

Nick Visits #TeachBetter19

Nick Sutton recently visited the first ever TeachBetter Conference in Ohio. Along with presenting, Nick recorded a number of quick interviews with some of those in attendance to learn more about what's happening across the educational landscape.

We’re sorry if any names are misspelled, etc. The environment was a little loud and some audio may be a bit difficult to understand in places. However, we think you’ll find that this episode highlights a lot of what educators are interested in at the time of this recording. 
We hope you enjoy this episode! 

Clip 1: WearCareShare.comClip 2: Joshua Stamper of the Aspire Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts Clip 3: Michelle White, Dunlap, IL, elementary educator reflects on culturally responsive education Clip 4: Nick Mann of discusses educator wellness Clip 5: Alex Oris of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, discusses technology integration Clip 5: Mark Losey and Milo, the Robot for AutismClip 6: Jake Miller, from the Educat…

Thomas C. Murray: Future-Ready, Personal and Authentic

We enjoyed an incredibly informative talk with Thomas C. Murray about preparing students for the future, designing learning spaces, and his new book, Personal and Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Last a Lifetime.
Future Ready Schools are “...schools that put kids before adults… (and) do whatever it takes to support all kids… schools where people want to be… where people respect people.”
Learning space redesign is “...not about being pretty for Pinterest, this is understanding how the brain works (and) learns and how do we maximize spaces for learning.” Listen at Anchor or below:

Connect with Tomas C. Murray at:
Website: and futureready.orgTwitter: @thomascmurrayAlso: Instagram: thomascmurrayedu
You can find us on Twitter at
This episode has been brought to you by IDEA - the Illinois Digital Educators Alliance.

School Leader Paradigm with Jason Leahy

“School leadership matters.” Dr. Jason Leahy, Director of the Illinois Principals Association, provides his perspectives on leadership, empathy, and the new School Leader Paradigm. Learn more about Dr. Leahy’s goal:

“Learning leaders leading learning organizations”
School leader paradigmSchool leader continuumScroll down to the bottom of either page above to learn about the School Leader Collaborative
Follow Dr. Jason Leahy:
Twitter: ipa_jasonEMail:
You can find us on Twitter at
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