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Reflections on Season 1

Nick and Matt take time out to reflect on Season 1 before taking some summer time to prepare for Season 2. The hosts discuss what they did well, what they can do better, and some ideas to help all educators rest, recharge, and prepare for a new school year.

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Improving Performance with Dr. Paulie

Dr. Paul Gavoni - “Dr. Paulie” - talks with us about behavior, coaching, and leadership.
Read more from Dr. Paulie and friends Quick Wins: Accelerating School Transformation Through Science, Engagement, and Leadership, Manuel Rodriguez & Paulie Gavoni Deliberate Coaching, A toolbox for accelerating teacher performance, Paul Gavoni & Nicholas Weatherly (YouTube)YouTube: Behavioral Karma

Connect with Dr. Paulie:  Website: QuickWinsPro.comTwitter: @DrPaulieGlovesInstagram: @DrPaulieGlovesLinkedIn: Paul "Paulie" Gavoni, Ed.D. Facebook: Paulie.Gloves Remember to check out this and all past episodes at www.LearningThroughLeading.comYou can find us on Twitter at: Dr. Nick Sutton: @DrNickSuttonMatt Jacobson: @YodaMatt68How to Listen AnchorApple PodcastsBreakerCastroGoogle Podcasts

Unlearning with Nick Polyak

Superintendent Nick Polyak discusses the concept of “unlearning,” professional learning, technology and more in this episode.

Dr. Nick Polyak: @npolyak

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Meet Nick's Former Teachers!

In this episode we talk to two of Nick Sutton's former teachers, Mr. Gregg Worrall and Mr. Todd Hilton!

We ask Mr. Worrall and Mr. Hilton, among other things...

How has your instruction evolved during your teaching career?How has technological resources impacted your instruction?How can we as educators influence and inspire more students to become future teachers?

Connect with out guests:
Greg Worrall: @mbhoops119
Todd Hilton: @blacksox33

Tim Cavey Lights a Fire!

Listen to our interview with Tim Cavey, host of the Teachers on Fire podcast! Tim is an awesome educator with an amazing repertoire of podcasts and other media:

Teachers On Fire Website & PodcastTeachers On Fire Magazine on MediumGr8 Expectations PodcastTwitter: @TeachersOnFire(Check out Happy Birthday, Teachers on Fire)

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