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Get To Know Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn, from Jeff Cohn is a consultant to schools, districts, and businesses. In this episode, Jeff gets down to the basics of SMART Goals in strategic planning and the importance of empathy and trust to leadership. Mentioned in this episode:  Jim Collins on Amazon Listen on Listen on Apple Podcasts Learn more about Jeff Cohn Website: Other: Contact Jeff Cohn Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox. You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton @YodaMatt68 How to Listen ** NEW: Amazon Music Podcasts ** Anchor Apple Podcasts Breaker Castro Google Podcasts Overcast PocketCasts Radio Public Spotify


Image from In this episode, Nick and Matt learn about TeacherFit from its founder, Nick Mann. We'll learn how TeacherFit can help students, educators, schools, and districts build healthy habits, including mindfulness, yoga, and even strength training.  After listening to this episode, we hope you'll be inspired to visit to learn more, like we did! Learn more about TeacherFit: Twitter: @TeacherFit19 Instagram: TeacherFit_Online Website: Email:   You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton    @YodaMatt68     Remember to check out this and all past episodes at Get in touch with us! Do you have an idea for a future podcast episode? Do you have a question you'd like us to help you answer? Reach out to us through the Anchor app and we might use your questions and ideas on-air! How to Listen Anchor Apple Podcasts Breaker

E-Learning in IL with Erich Grauke

Erich Grauke (Image from Join us for a conversation with Erich Grauke of the Illinois State Board of Education about the recent Illinois legislation surrounding e-learning days. Erich will tell us about the basic requirements of the law, lessons learned from the pilot districts, and ideas that can support quality e-learning in your school and district.  Listen to this episode Links:  Illinois Guidelines for E-Learning Districts Find E-Learning Effective On Days Of Non-Attendance New Law Expands E-Learning Flexibility Statewide Contact Erich at ISBE: Erich Grauke: Twitter Handle: @egrauke Phone: 217-782-0354 Remember to check out this and all past episodes at and click the Subscribe button at the top of the screen to have every episode delivered right to your email inbox. You can find us on Twitter at @DrNickSutton

#IETC19 - Part 2

Image clipped from We had such a great time at the Illinois Education And Technology Conference - #IETC19 - that we couldn't contain it in just one episode! Here we have the rest of our interviews with educators from Illinois and surrounding states. We know you'll have as much fun listening to these interviews as we had recording them! Interviews I’ll Jump First - Enjoy this dual episode with our friends Kevin & Julie from Park Ridge - Niles District 64, then check out their podcast on or wherever you get your podcasts. First grade teacher Jana Zipfel - @JanaMrsZipfel - talks about the edtech landscape in her southern Illinois school district. Sarah Brokering - @MrsBrokeCodes - discusses her interests as an elementary technology teacher. Dawn Malcolm - @malcolm8science - and Jared Bruening - @JaredBruening - discuss some of the great ideas they have gleaned from the conference. Jonathan Lee - @jleeTechPercent - from METC - @me

#CoffeeEDU at #IETC19

Image from Twitter Recently Matt and Nick visited the Illinois Education Technology Conference - #IETC19 - in Springfield, Illinois. Nick was able to join virtually via a telepresence robot, provided courtesy of Cindy Arthur at the Faculty Technology Learning Center at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois. Matt and "Virtual Nick" talked with people at #CoffeeEDU about some of the trends and interests of educators throughout Illinois. In this episode... Clip 1: Matt’s intro to #CoffeeEDU Clip 2: “Virtual Nick” and Matt work our way around the #CoffeeEDU group Clip 3: Beth Rihtar , Instructional Coach at Emerson Middle School Clip 4: Three educators discuss their integration of coding and other technology topics into school activities Clip 4: Bill Witkowski discusses the challenges of being both a Technology Director and supporting instructional activities Clip 5: Sean Scanlon, and Jess & Jess from Marion , talk about the challenges they s

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