FLOOP Revisited

Enjoy this look back at our interview with the creators of FLOOP, and don't forget to use the info below to get your special discount on your first year of FLOOP! 
We had a great talk with Christine Witcher and Melanie Kong about Floop, an app that supports teacher and peer feedback in almost any classroom. Listen to their startup story and how Melanie and Christine have used their classroom experiences and action research to build student agency and efficacy. Then check out Floopedu.com to see how you can use it in your classroom.
Contact the Floop team via Email:team@floopedu.com

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Twitter:@floopeduWebsite:floopedu.comBlog:blog.floopedu.comResearch Whitepaper:bit.ly/floop-whitepaperStudent Feedback Literacy Curriculum:bit.ly/curr-downloadCompany BioBased on research and built by teachers, Floop is a web platform that helps teachers give meaningful feedback faster and teaches students how to use feedback to learn. Floop works on any internet-connected device (phones, table…

Meet Amanda Post and Maggie Gifford

Image of Amanda Post and Maggie Gifford

We hope you enjoy our chat with Amanda Post and Maggie Gifford, two educators from Ohio. During our chat , Amanda and Maggie discuss how they navigate remote learning and support students' social and emotional health.

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Based on research and built by teachers, Floop is a web app that helps teachers give meaningful feedback faster. Collect images, PDFs, and Google Docs from students, and leave text and audio comments that lead to conversations. Empower students to give each other feedback and build their feedback skills through Floop's guided peer review. For 20% off your first year of Floop: Sign up at www.floopedu.com, and then enter the coupon code LEARNLEAD20 before October 31, 2020 (Instructions: Applying a Coupon Code).


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